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This website started as an alternative way to watch Twitch.tv with HLS playback enabled with chat in the sidebar. At that point (2015) this was not available on the official page by default and it was the best way to watch streams on macOS Safari. As of right now this is all enabled on the official Twitch.tv page as well.

So, why does this website still exist?

Over the years hundreds of thousands of unique users have used this to watch Twitch.tv streams. As long as users will watch streams using this service it will be online. After the recent (2020) Twitch.tv changes the userbase keeps growing.

"I would like this missing feature!"

The goal of this project is to keep the watching experience as fast and as light as possible. This also means only a handful of features are available and implemented. This project is completely open-source and available on Github . Feel free to submit issues with feature requests and bugs on Github , but keep in mind, not everything will be made.

How to dark mode?

It's currently toggled automatically if your system is set to dark mode.

Supporting this project

We receive messages regarding how to support this project. We are not taking donations, and this site is inexpensive to run. But if you are looking for web/app design/development, feel free to use the links in the footer to get in touch.